BI is a DFHBI derivative that exhibits unprecedented Broccoli™ binding affinity and photostability, and it can be used for single-molecule mRNA imaging in live mammalian cells.



3’5′-difluoro-4-hydroxybenzylidene imidazolinone (DFHBI) is a small molecule mimic of the GFP chromophore. It is highly fluorescent upon binding to Spinach and Spinach-derived aptamers.



DFHBI-1T is a non-fluorescent dye that consists of an 1,1,1-trifluoroethyl substituent on the imidazolone ring of the DFHBI, a mimic of GFP fluorophore.



DFHO is a non-fluorescent dye that is structurally similar to the chromophore found in red fluorescent protein (RFP).



OBI is a derivative of BI that exhibits enhanced stability to Red Broccoli™. It is a “plug-and-play” fluorophore that binds either Broccoli™ or Red Broccoli™ to emit red…